Powerful Flowers

As well as the processes, one of the things I really love about making chocolates is decorating. Over Easter this year I had a lot of fun with colour on my Easter Eggs and was very pleased to produce some Eggs for Withybush Hospital NHS Carers and Nurses, with a blue flower instead of the usual pink flower to say thank you for all that they are doing.

   Easter Egg with Blue Flower

I create my colours using coloured cocoa butter, and the product which I use, virtually exclusively, is a colour system called Power FlowersTM. These little flowers come in 4 colours; red, blue, yellow and white, which are the primary colours used in both print and digital colour systems – CMYK and RGB. So, by mixing different percentages of colours, I can get the secondary colours, I want. For example, the orange hearts on my Dark & Frutti chocolates are made by mixing a percentage of red and yellow. There are different ways to use them - for the hearts, I heat the Power FlowersTM up in the microwave with some white chocolate and at about 40°c – 45°c, I add to the remaining white chocolate while tempering to get the desired colour.

Another thing I love about Power FlowersTM is that they are available in AZO Free versions, which is what I use. AZO colours come from a synthetic source, which is chemically produced, whilst Non AZO colours are ‘based’ in natural colours. Non AZO colours aren’t classified as 100% natural and both AZO and Non AZO colours contain E numbers, which determine the source of the colour, however the E numbers contained in the source of the AZO colours contain a specific compound which can have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children, according to European Law.

Power FlowersTM  are a great way to colour chocolate, fondant, marzipan. Perfect for confectioners and bakers. Using these little gems, you can create a whole spectrum of colours – up to 78! That’s enough to keep me busy on ideas.

Here's a couple  of interesting videos...