Chocolate Bars – influenced by Jackson Pollock

I studied graphic design at art college and always thought that the fine art students were having more fun than me!
Now I get to have the joy of flicking and spraying, but not in paint.

Going back to my art school days, some of my bars are based on a Jackson Pollock theme.
I use coloured cocoa butter and chocolate to get the splattered effect such as on my Strawberry and Crunchy Bar.

Flicking cocoa butter into the mould    

The master himself was a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement and was famous for his painting style where he poured and splashed liquid paint onto his canvas from many angles. Also known as ‘action painting’, Jackson Pollock would often use the whole of his body to paint – often in a frenetic dancing style. I can’t say that I dance around the chocolate kitchen, but there is a fair amount of free expression!

I cannot lie – it’s the highlight of any day